At De Morgan House we like to hear what you think of our service so that we can continually refine and improve what we offer. At the end of each month we send an email to everyone who had an event with us offering the chance to give feedback. We ask for marks out of five on the core areas of our service and also any other comments. Up-to-date averages are shown below.

Initial contact & handling of enquiry 4.4
Ease of booking & booking system 4.2
On-the-day reception, welcome & support 4.1
Room & layout 4.3
Catering 4
5. Excellent 4. Good 3. Adequate 2. Poor 1. Unacceptable

We have been using the conference facilities at De Morgan House for over 3 years, the rooms are well equipped, the staff are always friendly and efficient and the catering is excellent and reasonably priced. De Morgan House is also well situated and convenient to get to.

  Nisha Jones, London Taught Course Centre